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Bali Industrial Co,. Ltd., keeps on the technology and skill in Europe traditional stretch-ceiling
fabricating & installation for 30 years, but its limit has been broken up.
Today, we assembled the collective wisdom of the famous designers from the upper
circles for many years,sublimated the characteristic design-ideas on the multi-D
stretch-fabric products, have developped the 6 series of the multi-D
stretch-fabric new systems and the others relative to the 3D products,and has
set an new precedent for the multi-D stretch-fabric space products of the
A-class in China.

the 6 series of the multi-D stretch-fabric new
systems and the others relative to the products from Bali:
1.  the multi-D stretch-fabric system
2.  the stretch ceiling & wall system
3.  the large stretch-fabric lamps(pillars) system
4.  the 3D Wawin ceiling & wall system
5.  the interior printed-fabric lingting-box system
6.  the fabric background ESL system
7. the magical pc film for
glass or other deco
8.  the reflective babric
ceiling for interior sports
9.  nano material for
ceiling and wall
10. the modeling fabric for the
exhibition and markets

we continued our fabricating based on the
principles of safety, performance, technique, efficiency, aesthetics, with the
best quality, the new procedure of the installations at the same time as the
service and the satisfaction of the customer. We brought these multi-D
stretch-fabric products to an exceptional level of technique
and aesthetics.

We can thus offer a large variety of our
multi-D stretch-fabric products and the others relative to the products to the
architects and designers, With the France Bali (HK) team, we are pleased to
invite you to discover Bali techniques in the multi-D
stretch-fabric products for superb achievements.